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How to Quickly Loose Fat
By: Dr. Skip Hellen ND, CNC (Health Doctor)
 Rev. 11/13/2013

Humans have been struggling with body fat accumulation for quite some time. An entire industry developed around dieting to resolve this problem. Unfortunately, diet is only one of the factors contributing to an increasing overweight and generally unhealthy human population. It might come as no surprise that a specific kind exercise is the answer to the human overweight problem. Yes when humans were still essentially wild, it was necessary to run, jump and test maximum physical capabilities not only to gather sustenance but evade predation by physically superior animals.

Now days these physical demands are not required for most of the human population. The exception is highly trained athletes who have proven that specific exercise is the answer not diet. A perfect example is well known Olympic athlete Michael Phelps. He consumes upwards of 12,000 calories daily and maintains a bodyfat under 10%.

The combination of human life cycle of around 60-90 years, have made rapid technology advancements over the past 200 years, along with becoming sedentary faster than the biochemistry has evolved has left humans in the current biological predicament. Our biochemistry requires short bursts of physical exertion to properly manage biochemical metabolic balance, fat accumulation and our modern lifestyle is largely devoid of this kind of activity.

There are essentially two outcomes to this problem below;
1. Participate in appropriate regular EPOC – interval training exercise which is biologically necessary at this time in human evolution that will yield better health and vitality depending on the totality of live conditions and behavior habits.
2. Participate in a modern sedentary lifestyle, consumptive and behavior habits (Standard American Diet – SAD) which are not consistent with human biological needs and suffer the consequences of illnesses, early biological degradation, disease, and death.

EPOC occurs when physical exertion outpaces oxygen supply. This puts the body in a temporary state of oxygen deficit. Other words, any time you’re gasping for air after exercise you have caused EPOC.

I suggest the first choice is superior to the second. Below are examples of EPOC – interval exercise programs that will support the needs of the human body and lead to superior health and vitality. This exercise/training consists of short durations of maximum physical exertion separated with durations of moderate exercise. Of course there are many levels and one should not try to go far above their ability to void injury.

Beginner (just starting out):
1) Perform as many bodyweight squats as you can in 30-45 seconds
2) Rest for 60-120 seconds
3) Repeat the above 2 steps over and over again for a total of 5-20 minutes

Intermediate (have been working out for a while):
1) Jump rope all out for 30-60 seconds
2) Jog in place for 60-90 seconds
3) Repeat the above 2 steps over and over again for a total of 10-20 minutes

Advanced (killer advanced interval training workout):
1) Sprint all out on an exercise bike for 20-30 seconds
2) Rest pace for 45-60 seconds
3) Repeat the above 2 steps over and over again for a total of 12-25 minutes

As you can see interval training consists of high intense (all out) exercises followed by lower intense exercises followed by high intensity again and so on. The intensity can be elevated by either increasing the duration of high intensity exercise, shortening the duration of low intensity exercise or lengthening the duration of total exercise.

This kind of interval exercise is what the body needs to properly balance metabolism, burn off excess body fat, and maintain healthy overall biochemical balance. So, one of the real secrets to not only a balanced metabolism but health and vitality is regular short bursts of all out physical exertion. Of course the more often the bursts of all out physical exertion, the more efficient fat burning occurs. This is the main reason why highly trained athletes can consume enormous amounts of calories, are rarely fat, always in great shape and usually relatively healthy.

I personally favor jumping rope several times daily. It takes only around 3-10 minutes and gets me into EPOC quickly. I like the rebounding nature of jumping rope because rebounding is considered the best lymph system modulator and helps detoxify the body of biological waste. All three of the above can be altered to suit individual needs and ability levels and one can create any interval training program will yield the desired health benefits as long as the principle of high intensity exercise that elicits EPOC is performed.

Humans need specific kind of exercise to maintain biological balance (health). There are three exercise levels outlined which will fulfill the requirements if properly performed (regular interval short maximum physical exertion). The most important point about any exercise program is constancy. Increase intensity over time to continue improvement.

HELP! UHRI has produced optimal health step by step programs designed to guide you through all the challenges of personal excellence and optimal health acquisition. Take the challenge and become the best that you can be, then teach others to do the same.

"Illness and disease are optional, choose not to participate" ~ Dr. Skip Hellen

Important understanding
It’s important to understand that optimal health can only be achieved and maintained when nutritional, physical, and mental requirements are met resulting in systemic biological balance (homeostasis).

The following are the cornerstones of success with anything in life, make these qualities an important part of your life strategy and you will achieve excellence in anything you do. 

   Personal responsibility encourages excellence,
requires personal excellence,
advances positive action,
strengthens personal power,
promotes success ~ Dr. Skip Hellen 

1. (Develop) a strong sense of self respect and discipline
2. (Pledge) Take the "Declaration of Health Independence" pledge
3. (Test) Complete the health assessment test (establish a personal health baseline)
4. (Decide) Set a goal to achieve personal health excellence (optimal health)
5. (Education) Learn health principles how to achieve optimum health
6. (Heath Compass) Buy a pH litmus test kit, start testing frequently – keep a test result log
7. (Manage/Adjust) Change behavior habits for best results
8. (Commitment) Stay the course until achieving personal health excellence
9. (Mentor) Help another achieve personal health excellence

Since behavior habits and nutrition are critical components of human health and longevity, denial, shortcuts and misguided beliefs can be very costly not only in terms of lost monetary wealth but in compromised health leading to rapid aging, illness, disease and death. DON’T TAKE YOUR HEALTH FOR GRANTED. IF YOU DON’T TAKE PROPER CARE OF YOUR HEALTH, WHO WILL?

The important thing to remember is consumptive habits (foods) will form the foundation of either optimal health or illness and disease. The old saying "you are what you eat" is absolutely true when it comes to health.

Developing strong personal character (respect, belief, knowledge, discipline, commitment) are the cornerstones of all personal excellence accomplishments. Taking the "Declaration of Health Independence" pledges and adopting the behavior principles solidifies a vital first step on the road to optimal health success. These pledge commitments not only help develop the skills required to accomplish the goal but better define the path to personal health excellence. The second step is purchasing a litmus test kit to accurately monitor health progress. (see below for event test kit sale)

Perhaps the hardest part of achieving optimal health is changing unhealthy behavior habits to healthy habits.

YOU provide the Courage, Dedication, Commitment and Action,

To get health help and learn more about “Mastering the Secrets of Ultimate Health” and achieve personal health excellence goals, log onto the web site below. UHRI is ready, willing, and able to help everyone achieve optimal health.

Litmus test kits are on sale for $10 (Events Only)
(A litmus test kit is an absolute must for those who are serious about ultimate health)

To learn more information on how to resolve health problems or achieve personal health excellence, refer to UHRI at www.uhealthri.com. Educational classes, programs, mentors and consultants are ready to help you achieve all your health goals including optimal health. Contact UHRI Office at - 714-969-1681

Live long, happy, ultimately health and wise

Dr. Skip Hellen

"Death by Medicine"

The above study was conducted by a team of leading doctors. It revealed for the first time that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the USA. Click "Death by Medicine" above to read the study.


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 Sense proper health habits form the foundation of human health and vitality, shortcuts and misinformation can be very costly not only in terms of lost money but the pain and suffering of compromised health and productivity, early biological degeneration, illness, disease and death.



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