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Are Prescription Drugs Safe?
By: Dr. Skip Hellen ND, CNC (Health Doctor)
 Rev. 8/28/2013

Prescription drugs have saved many lives in emergency situations. Unfortunately, there is currently a landslide of evidence that many of these drugs are being over used by the medical industry and causing harm to tens of thousands of trusting people. The main problem is the allopathic medical model seeks to control and relieve symptoms through the use of powerful chemicals (prescription drugs) - very profitable, rather than restoring biochemical balance (homeostasis) by understanding natural biochemical needs and supporting those specific needs. By choosing the chemical drug path, they successfully reduce symptoms in some cases but totally ignore the fact that toxic accumulation is the foundational cause of the ill health problem. This is understandable in some cases short term to save a life but long term use of toxic drugs will never restore health or sure anything, it will only make the toxic accumulation and systemic biochemical degradation (rapid aging) worse.   

The overwhelming evidence indicates the main reason for the overuse of drug therapy is money, power and control. Yes the reality is, many of these dangerous drugs are being prescribed, overused and even abused because they produce monstrous profits, dam the health of the trusting patients on which they are used. The evidence not only reveals that these drugs are causing many serious side effects, but they are killing some people as well. While it is true that many of these drugs are killing folks for profit, little to nothing is being done to stop this barbaric practice. So fasten your seatbelt as the information your about to read is disturbing at best. People die needlessly to preserve and protect huge corporate profits. These facts are being suppressed and impugned to hide the truth from the general public.

Lets start with the most comprehensive paper ever published on this subject "Death by Medicine". This paper was researched, written and published by reputable scientists many of whom are MD's. Where is the accountability and outrage you may ask, great question? In addition to "Death by Medicine" study, the shocking truth continues to be revealed below by reputable scientific research data, much to the chagrin of the powers that be. As time marches on there are more and more news reports relating to the tremendous (iatrogenic - doctor caused) harm of medical prescription drugs to tens of thousands of people who put their trust in their doctor.

Many of these drugs were designed to mask symptoms of a wide range of ill health problems and diseases. They are prescribed by so-called reputable doctors and cleared by the governments Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be safe for public consumption. With more use and study many of these drugs are being found to damage health not improve health, some drugs have killed many people already. Perhaps you have seen some of the TV and heard some radio ads encouraging people who may have been injured, even killed by drugs or surgical procedures to contact a law firm. This is but more evidence that something is seriously wrong with the current allopathic drug based system. Many of these drug/surgical procedure problems were caused in year's even decades past by what was then and in some cases still considered common use and practice.

It is important to understand that drugs are essentially poisons that force quick biochemical change in a particular way - usually to cover or relieve a symptom. The best way to resolve a symptom (biochemical imbalance) is to remove the foundational cause (toxic accumulation and/or malnutrition) thereby restoring biochemical balance optimal health (homeostasis). Below are a few articles and links that reveal the facts about dangerous prescription drugs and what is being done or not done to resolve this serous problem.

Los Angeles Times, Orange County Edition April 5, 2005


Legal Drugs that Kill
By; Thomas J. Moore
(Thomas Moore is a senior fellow in health policy at the George Washington University Medical Center, and is the author of "Prescription for Disaster: The Hidden Dangers in Your Medicine Cabinet.")

If we consume alkaline forming foods we dramatically assist the body onto maintaining a healthy pH range. When the body is in the proper pH range the body’s natural rejuvenating and reparative properties as well as the boy’s natural defense, immune system are working at optimum levels.

SOURCE: Reprinted in the public service of the national interest of the American people.
Go to Malpractice-for-Profit: article

Imagine a war on crime in which nobody knew how many murders occurred, or a Federal Aviation Administration that was unaware of how many airplanes had crashed. Suppose we were so casual about fatal automobile accidents that it was not even necessary to report one. That is how we monitor the risks of prescription drugs, though they account for more deaths each year than all murders, auto accidents and airplane crashes combined. It is estimated that more than 100,000 people die every year from the adverse effects of prescription drugs, and 1 million are injured so severely they require hospitalization. Many of these deaths and serious injuries could be prevented with better programs and policies to limit the dangers involved.

Consumer Reports Jan. 2006

Prescription for trouble:
Legal Drugs that Kill

Consumer Reports® and ConsumerReports.org® are published by Consumers Union, an expert, independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to work for a fair, just, and safe marketplace for all consumers and to empower consumers to protect themselves.
Common drugs, hidden dangers. Tens of millions of people at risk

Go to Legal Drugs that Kill: Article

U.S. consumers have been buffeted by bad news about the safety of the prescription drugs they take. One shock was the revelation of serious heart risks from the pain reliever Vioxx. Then “black box” warnings about an increased risk of suicide in young people were slapped on all antidepressants.

A leader of the Food and Drug Administration's drug-safety office has told Congress that the agency and its once-vaunted Center for Drug Evaluation and Research are “broken.” The FDA is currently the object of several investigations, including one initiated at its own request.

A Consumer Reports investigation has now found that tens of millions of people may unknowingly have been exposed to the rare but serious side effects of a dozen relatively common prescription-drug types. Collectively, the drugs, sold in 140 brand-name or generic versions, accounted for some 266 million prescriptions in the U.S. and almost $25 billion in sales during the 12 months ending in September 2005, according to NDCHealth, an Atlanta-based health-care-information company.

Life Extension Magazine March 2005

Death by Regulation:

Life Extension is a global authority on health, wellness and nutrition as well as a respected provider of scientific information on disease prevention.

By; William Faloon

Go to Death by Regulation: Article

Consumers are being defrauded out of their health and money by a regulatory system that is a proven failure.

Back in the early 1980s, the Life Extension Foundation provided compelling evidence that FDA-approved drugs were dangerous and overpriced. We also gave examples of lifesaving medications that the FDA delayed, resulting in the needless deaths of millions of Americans.

We warned of a health care cost crisis if Congress did not abolish the FDA or markedly diminish the agency’s powers. We even went so far as to establish the FDA Museum to specifically document how flawed government regulatory policies were the leading cause of death in the US.

Sadly, most of the reforms we sought did not pass Congress. The result is that health care has become so expensive that record numbers of Americans are without medical insurance.1,2 Those who have insurance are paying outlandishly high premiums and deductibles. Medicare faces insolvency, FDA-approved drugs are killing record numbers of Americans,3 and medical innovation is stifled by over-regulation.

The above facts paint a very dismal picture of the current medical, pharmaceutical and regulatory landscape and we didn't even discus the "affordable health care act" (i.e. Obama Care) which is shaping up to be the biggest disaster in modern health care history. We live in a very tumultuous time where power, corruption, criminal behavior are being condoned, even encouraged while the constitution and bill of rights are being ignored based on political ideology. The mantra being trumpeted by those in power is we must restore fairness while all the time unfairness is more prevalent now than any time in modern history. Sanity, patriotism, personal responsibility, sacrifice and hard work, the cornerstones of a ones great America have been replaced with insanity, irresponsibility, disrespect, unfairness, victimization, lawlessness and entitlement. We have indeed lost our character as a nation and in my humble opinion we are way past the point of no return. I prey I'm wrong, if not God help us we are going to need it.  

HELP! UHRI has produced optimal health step by step programs designed to guide you through all the challenges of personal excellence and optimal health acquisition. Take the challenge and become the best that you can be, then teach others to do the same.

"Illness and disease are optional, choose not to participate" ~ Dr. Skip Hellen

Important understanding
It’s important to understand that optimal health can only be achieved and maintained when nutritional, physical, and mental requirements are met resulting in systemic biological balance (homeostasis).

The following are the cornerstones of success with anything in life, make these qualities an important part of your life strategy and you will achieve excellence in anything you do. 

   Personal responsibility encourages excellence,
requires personal excellence,
advances positive action,
strengthens personal power,
promotes success ~ Dr. Skip Hellen 

1. (Develop) a strong sense of self respect and discipline
2. (Pledge) Take the "Declaration of Health Independence" pledge
3. (Test) Complete the health assessment test (establish a personal health baseline)
4. (Decide) Set a goal to achieve personal health excellence (optimal health)
5. (Education) Learn health principles how to achieve optimum health
6. (Heath Compass) Buy a pH litmus test kit, start testing frequently – keep a test result log
7. (Manage/Adjust) Change behavior habits for best results
8. (Commitment) Stay the course until achieving personal health excellence
9. (Mentor) Help another achieve personal health excellence

Since behavior habits and nutrition are critical components of human health and longevity, denial, shortcuts and misguided beliefs can be very costly not only in terms of lost monetary wealth but in compromised health leading to rapid aging, illness, disease and death. DON’T TAKE YOUR HEALTH FOR GRANTED. IF YOU DON’T TAKE PROPER CARE OF YOUR HEALTH, WHO WILL?

The important thing to remember is consumptive habits (foods) will form the foundation of either optimal health or illness and disease. The old saying "you are what you eat" is absolutely true when it comes to health.

Developing strong personal character (respect, belief, knowledge, discipline, commitment) are the cornerstones of all personal excellence accomplishments. Taking the "Declaration of Health Independence" pledges and adopting the behavior principles solidifies a vital first step on the road to optimal health success. These pledge commitments not only help develop the skills required to accomplish the goal but better define the path to personal health excellence. The second step is purchasing a litmus test kit to accurately monitor health progress. (see below for event test kit sale)

Perhaps the hardest part of achieving optimal health is changing unhealthy behavior habits to healthy habits.

YOU provide the Courage, Dedication, Commitment and Action,

To get health help and learn more about “Mastering the Secrets of Ultimate Health” and achieve personal health excellence goals, log onto the web site below. UHRI is ready, willing, and able to help everyone achieve optimal health.

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(A litmus test kit is an absolute must for those who are serious about ultimate health)

To learn more information on how to resolve health problems or achieve personal health excellence, refer to UHRI at www.uhealthri.com. Educational classes, programs, mentors and consultants are ready to help you achieve all your health goals including optimal health. Contact UHRI Office at - 714-969-1681

Live long, happy, ultimately health and wise

Dr. Skip Hellen

"Death by Medicine"

The above study was conducted by a team of leading doctors. It revealed for the first time that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the USA. Click "Death by Medicine" above to read the study.


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 Sense proper health habits form the foundation of human health and vitality, shortcuts and misinformation can be very costly not only in terms of lost money but the pain and suffering of compromised health and productivity, early biological degeneration, illness, disease and death.



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